Become a Volunteer for a worthy cause!

Interested in Volunteering?

There are many things that you personally could do to help me get this message out to all New Zealanders.  Any help is gratefully received be it a every now-and-again or where you would like to help in some capacity on an on-going basis.  

If you are able to help for any of the following positions please fill in the volunteer form below and we'll be in touch. 

  1. Legal 

    I am looking to set-up the business as either a Social Enterprise or Charity - if anyone knows or you are able to offer free services that can help achieve this, I would be most appreciative!

    Also any help that may be needed with regards to petitions being presented to the Government would be most welcome! 

  2. Fund Raisers
    Got any experience in raising funds for Social Enterprises or Charities?  Then we'd like to hear from you! 

  3. Researchers
    I am looking to have Researchers to find out costs for running events and presentations in towns through-out New Zealand.  If you are able to help please reach out. 

    In-depth Research on Mercury and LipoProtein(a) sourcing new information and Clinical Trials together with latest treatments.

  4. Event Organizers 
    Anyone who can help with the organisation and setup of events and presentations in various towns.

  5. Event Assistant
    We need help welcoming and settling people in who are attending presentations, events and workshops to their seats and helping with setup and clearing up.

  6. Digital /Social Media Marketers 
    Any help with Digital/Social Media Marketing & looking after campaigns from setup to roll-out and maintaining would be wonderful.  Even good Digital Copy Writers would be most welcome. 

    SEO/SEM Specialists would be helpful too ensuring all Digital Presences are climbing the ranks so these critical messages can be found. 

  7. Digital Video and Audio Editors 
    Anyone who has experience in editing videos and podcasts would be helpful.

  8. PA System & Lighting Providers - Got any PA/Lighting systems you'd be already loaning us to do Presentations/Events and even where you'd be open to doing the setup & management during the event would be tremendously helpful. 

  9. Anyone know of anyone in the Film/TV Industry that may be open to airing this message on TV/via a short film or inclusion in one

  10. Public Relations - Anyone who could donate time to writing Press Releases and submitting them to core Newspapers, Magazines, TV/Radio contacts would be most appreciated. 

  11. Accountants/Bookkeeping 
    To help keep on top of donations and commissions that come in, tallying the books so they are kept in-line with both legal and social enterprise/charitable standards. 

  12. Personal Assistant/s 
    To help me with whatever is required from taking messages to organizing travel plans. 

Whether you are able to help out once or where you are able to donate a few hours a week or more to help save and improve the quality of lives for other Kiwis it would be most appreciated! Please reach out via the form below and we will be in contact.  

Interested in Sponsoring us?


 If you are interested or know of a company that may be interested in sponsoring this worthy cause please make contact.

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