Interested in sponsoring this worthy cause?

Interested in Sponsoring this worth cause?

Is your Company genuinely interested in improving the health of not just New Zealand's adults but it's children? If the answer is 'yes' the we would love to talk. 

I am looking for sponsorship/advertising for the following aspects of the business:-

  1. Sponsorship of Events in as many towns as possible promoting the messages of both the dangers of Mercury and LipoProtein(a), what to do about it and requesting Petitions be signed to approach the Government to prevent further exposure of all New Zealanders 

  2. Audio and presentation equipment hire and setup

  3. Travel costs to and from events 

  4. Costs to cover any printed collateral

  5. Advertising costs for the event - ie Google Ads, Social Media Advertising, etc

  6. Event support staff if volunteers have not been found.

In return you will get all or any of the following:- 


  • Advertising for an agreed period of time across the Mercury Fillings,  LipoProtein(a).guru and Thailand Dental Holiday's websites

  • Advertising for an agreed period of time in the Holistic Healthy Hearts Facebook Group

  • Advertising on bulk emails out to the membership database

  • Promotion in Social Media Avenues ie Facebook/Instagram

  • Banners/Posters and whatever printed materials you would like to supply at each of the events 

  • Potential mention of your Company in Industry Expert Podcasts and

  • Potential mention of your business in the Health Vlogs that will be created.

This would most likely suit:-

  • Insurance Companies

  • Travel Companies

  • Health/Supplement Companies (especially if you sell the 'Now' Product range of supplements).

  • Banks that wish to be seen to be doing good 

  • Health Food Companies

  • Dental Chains who wish to promote safe Mercury extractions and 

  • Whoever else may think we are a good fit. 

If you or your Company are interested in backing this worthy cause please reach out via the form below:-

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