What Dental Clinics will remove my Mercury Fillings safely ?

So what Dental Clinics will remove Mercury Fillings Safely?

Well to be honest I really had to search for this just for myself!  And in the end did find someone in Queenstown who would do it but it wasn't 100% according to protocol but was a close to it being done as possible. 

On this page I would eventually like to have a full Directory of Clinics in New Zealand with a Mercury Free Rating & Review next to each that will show you at a glance just how much of that Safety Protocol is utilized so you can then make the call as to whether to go to them or someone else. 

At this point I can only give feedback on  Lumino Dentist's in Queenstown.  

Both Milford Dentist in Auckland and Green Island Wellness Centre in Dunedin have not been screened.

If you are a Dentist (or know of one) that practices safe Mercury Filling Removal and wish to be listed here please reach out via the 'Contact' Page.


Lumino Dentists Queenstown

7 Shotover Street, Queenstown, Otago 9300

T:- +64 (03) 442 8580

W:- https://lumino.co.nz

Rating:- 3/5 

  • Rubber Dam Technique Used - Yes

  • Oxygen Administration - Yes

  • Cold Water - Yes

  • Drilling Technique - Unsure

  • Patient Covered - No

  • Dental Staff fully covered with masks - Dentist only wore mask, short sleeves on both Staff members

  • Open to Vitamin C intake  - Yes but you have to bring it, they don't supply. Same with Activated Charcoal.

General feedback:- 

I was overall very happy with Lumino mainly because they were at least open to the whole concept of safe Mercury Filling removals in the first place, albeit it not being 100% following the protocol.  I was pleased that they were open to both Oral and IV Vitamin C plus the use of Activated Charcoal but this was not provided by the Clinic - you need to sort that out yourself.  

I would have like to have seen the Dental Nurse wear her mask though as I was worried about her breathing in the Mercury Vapors and wasn't too sure exactly how they disposed of the Mercury extracted.  

Would I recommend them?  I would but with the knowledge that the procedure is not 100% there yet.  Staff were lovely though.

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Green Island Wellness Centre


2 Jenkins St,
Green Island, 
Dunedin 9018


T:- +64 (03) 425 0006

W:- https://www.greenislandwellnesscentre.nz

Rating:- Unscreened


Milford Dental Clinic 

170 Kitchener Road


North Shore


New Zealand.

T:- +64 (09) 489 6575

W:- https://www.milforddentists.co.nz

Rating:- Unscreened

phuket island hopping.jpeg


Got more than 10 Mercury Fillings in your mouth?  Well this may well be an option for you.  This is a Company I set up myself simply because I was finding that - well it kind of adds up having all these fillings removed safely in New Zealand and I didn't want to have people not doing it because of the cost factor!


This option is really good if you have a large number of fillings - like over 10 is good and even if you happen to need other work done too, then this will really pay off. 


I got the idea after one of my old Clients from another business who went to Thailand and raved about his experience there.  I went on a complete mission to then screen the Clinics and settled on 2 in Phuket.  After partnering with themteamed up with a well known Travel Broker here in New Zealand and am thrilled to say Thailand Dental Holidays is the first ever World Provider that specializes in safe Metal Mercury Extraction Holidays. And we don't just help Kiwi's - Australians and Americans have a lot of metal in their mouths too! 

I just love that I am now able to typically provide the opportunity for people to have their Mercury Fillings safely removed by an experienced team who know what they are doing plus they can get a 4 star luxury beach holiday, with airport and hotel/clinic transfers INCLUDING return flights for around the same price as what it would cost for them to have their Mercury Fillings removed at home! 


Sound like a good deal? Well it did to me!  And if you are wanting other work done you will most certainly make savings as well! 

Check out the work of one of Clients who had her's done through us - she was stoked! 

Oh and by the way 100% of all proceeds made from Thailand Dental Holidays and in fact this site is used to further build awareness, do further research and pay for whatever costs are related to doing the Petition. 100%!


So if you have a large number of Mercury's you need to get rid of and would like more information take a look at the website - www.thailanddentalholidays.com. It's for a good cause!

Mercury Filling Detox Regime?


So now you know how to safely remove your Mercury Fillings how do you get rid of the Mercury in your organs and blood? 

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