Did you know that Mercury Fillings are the main funded dental care option for our children in New Zealand? 

Victoria's Story

I am a very lucky mother of 2 living in New Zealand who was taken aback to find after getting a heart test done and being told all was fine, requested the Cardiologist run a LipoProtein(a) test, (a very dangerous form of cholesterol not typically tested for in New Zealand) and was then told that I was 3x the heart attack level. 

I then went on a mission to find out what causes LP(a) to spike and found that Mercury Metal Fillings have been linked to heart disease for quite some time and I had 5 of them.

Upon researching I found two things:-

  1. Mercury Fillings are most certainly toxic and research shows that Mercury has been linked to a number of serious conditions and 

  2. Most disturbingly it is the main free dental care option for all New Zealand Children up until the age of 18.

In fact we are one of the few countries in the world that use them.

Clearly people are blissfully unaware of this which is why I have setup this site and I have also started a Petition to the New Zealand Government asking that all New Zealand Dental Clinics be made Mercury Free. 


After you have done your research here I am hoping you will arrive at the decision to sign the Petition - it was one thing us adults having them - as where I grew up (in Zimbabwe & I understand it was the same for Kiwis) only amalgams were used.  There was no option and no-one knew any better. 


But we do know better now and the EU have also suggested that no Mercury Fillings be used in children up to the age of 15 or in pregnant women.  It is my desire to follow their directive and go one step further and have it where they aren't used at all in anyone if possible. 


I hope you will find my research of use.  Please do understand I am not a qualified dentist, doctor or cardiologist.  I am a Health Kinesiologist but first and foremost I am a mother of 2 who has seen the direct impact of Mercury on my health. 


If I can prevent that from happening in just one person - then sharing this information was worth it!

Symptoms of Mercury Poisioning


From Dementia, Parkinson's, cancers, heart disease, autism, ADHD to depression & more.  Mercury has been linked to quite a few disorders.

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