What's the Detox Regime for Mercury?

How to Get Rid of Mercury?

Removing Mercury is not typically a quick process but it does depend on how much you have.  It is a good idea to get your Mercury Level's tested before detoxing so you can test and measure your progress.  

Once you have had all your Mercury's safely removed you could implement suitable and specific regimes for you under the strict guidance of a qualified doctor/practitioner experienced in this field (like an Environmental/Functional Medicine Doctor) you are most comfortable with. 

These are options I have come across - this is not to say they will work for you but it will give you a starting point or perhaps give you further alternatives to what you currently may have not yet investigated.

  • DMSA Tablets issued by my Doctor, this is issued for the term and dose they suggest - and by the way only do this if you have no Mercury Fillings left  and check your elmination process before you start otherwise it will make things a lot worse! With DMSA it will leach from your system and if you can't excrete effectively the toxin will remain in your system and just redistribute elsewhere. 


    Please also ensure that you do in fact go through a Doctor (Environmental/Functional) with experience in heavy metal toxicity so they can regularly check your liver and kidney status. DMSA can also deplete your system of Zinc and Iron so provided your system is okay with supplementing with these you may want to take these during the course prescribed. 

  • Professor Boyd Haley's Emeramide (NBMI - formerly OSR) is also gaining great interest by many Heavy Metal Specialists worldwide as it latches onto a number of heavy metals such as Mercury, Cadmium, Lead and more and deactivates the lot! The only issue is it's not easily accessible as it's that new to the market.  Talking in places like the FB Holistic Healthy Hearts Group with other member's who have managed to purchase it may help. (You will also find useful information and a video interview with Boyd Haley there).

  • Andy Cutler's Chelation (ACC) has gathered quite a crowd over the years.  They seem to have a strict protocol to follow and has clearly worked for many, this is not one I have done so can't comment, however I did find some feedback saying it only works if you have good elimination - if not people can get quite a bit worse so sort your gut health out if this is something you wish to follow. 

  • TRS - Again this is not one I have tried but I have come across it.  TRS is comprised of nano zeolites & purified water.  The zeolites have a high negative charge and a strong affinity for toxins which are typically positively charged - so that would be heavy metals and pesticides in this instance.  The interesting thing about this is it claims that no redistribution happens - so the Mercury doesn't just get shifted to another place which can happen with other forms of chelation if elimination is poor. 

  • Vitamin C - as stipulated previously it is a very good idea to take a good dose of Vitamin prior to your Mercury's being removed.  Understand that every system is different and that some people will handle doses differently to others.  Eg if your system is particularly imbalanced you may not be able to handle a good dose of Vitamin C.  

    Dr Linus Pauling talks of 'bowel tolerance'.  He suggests that when you have had a good 'flush out' (diarrehea)  you have reached the level your body can handle.  He suggests rather higher doses than the norm and around 3 - 5 grams would not be unusal for his recommendations - even higher.  

    However I would strongly suggest that you start on a low dose and work your way up over a period of time.  Eg take 1g with food 2 - 3  times a day.  Then after some time shift it up to 4 and then 5 if you wish to go that high.  

    If you have a sensitive stomach you can try Ester-C which is more gentle than straight ascorbic acid. 

    The best one is Lypricel which is Lyposomal Vitamin C and is the most absorbable form you can get but it is a lot dearer.  

    The one I use is Doctor's Best Vitamin C - it is a Quali-C which I have found to be the most agreeable for me personally.  It's the best tablet form I've been able to find and is the most cost-effective especially when buying the 360 tablets option as it lasts for ages and saves on shipping too. 

    Prior to my Mercurys' being removed I took 5 sachets of Lypricel over the course of the day, the day before going and 2 just before treatment and 3 spread out over the remainder of the day after extraction.

    The following day went to my doctors and  I had a high dose IV Vitamin C to mitigate the exposure and to minimize feeling too rough and in fact I felt just fine!

    The bought these on Iherb - in fact I tend to buy most of my Vitamins from them just because they have such good deals, good shipping rates and in most cases free shipping over a certain monetary spend.  

    Just one tip when buying Vitamins/Supplements try to get ones that aren't mixed with other things eg other herbs or vitamins especially if you are taking in larger doses than what you may ordinarily take - you don't to be taking an excess of them too.


  • Activated Charcoal - This is a great chelating agent for Mercury that can be taken orally.  Please be aware that it can coagulate blood so do check with your Doctor first to see if you can have this especially if you are currently on blood thinners or have a heart condition.  

    You can also get Charcoal to use topically as face masks and body wraps.  If you join the Holistic Healthy Hearts Community more tips on how to get detoxed can be sent directly to you - like home recipes for making a wrap I used.

  • Chlorella - Now I find I react to Chlorella - it upsets my stomach so I landed up only being on this for a short period of time but if this is something you can handle it is a very good heavy metal chelating agent especially for Mercury. The one I normally buy (for my husband) is the cracked form which is supposedly superior.  

  • Bentonite Clay - this is something I got from my local Health Store.  You can get a version to take orally - again liaise with our Health Care Practitioner on dosage as I found this one again didn't agree with me after a while.  

    It can also be used topically in the form of a face mask.  I have never used it as a body wrap. You can also add it to your bath. 

  • Dandelion Root Tea - I get my granules from the local Health Store - this helps with Liver support during the detox regime.

  • Saunas - It is suggested that Infrared is the best especially for Mercury extraction at least once a week but ideally every day for at least 20 mins if possible for up to a year depending on how much Mercury you need to sweat out. 

    I couldn't find one in Queenstown so I just settled for the one I had at the gym I go to but you can get Infrared Bulbs (on E-bay) and make one that you could then use. 

    Another option is to do an Activated Charcoal body wrap and also stand in front of the infrared bulbs that way you can do two treatments in one. 

  • Body wraps and scrubs.  Doing Activated Charcoal body wraps is a great way to help detox, even an Activated Charcoal face mask not long after amalgam removal is a good option too.  

    Body Scrubs will help exfoliate old contaminated skin. 

  • Exercise that makes you sweat - Sweating helps to excrete the Mercury faster but don't overdo it if you are feeling tired - work within your limits.  It will also help improve circulation to dump toxins out of your body. 

  • Massage - Having regular Lymphatic / Deep Tissue Massages are also a good idea (oh well if I must!) this will help to dislodge toxins and help to drain them out of your body.

Please note this page does contain Affiliate Links to the products - 100% of all proceeds go to further research & raising awareness around the dangers of Mercury Fillings & Lp(a). If you are not comfortable with this please feel free to buy the products from your preferred health provider. 

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