Why donate? 

Why Donate?

Well effectively I have no backing at all from anyone to get my message out about both the dangers of Mercury Fillings and also LipoProtein(a).  I solely rely on any money generated through this site, LipoProtein(a).guru and anything made via Thailand Dental Holidays. 

Please understand that 100% of all money's generated & donated via these 3 avenues go solely to:-

  1. Raising awareness around the dangers of Mercury and LipoProtein(a) so this would be advertising costs, social media, doing road shows, printed collateral, PR costs, Media costs and inclusions, Podcasts, blogs, vlogs, videos, community setup - anything you can think of to bring attention to this much needed cause is aimed to be covered. 

  2. Further research - this would be finding new information that has not yet been shared, more in-depth knowledge on specific topics, sourcing relevant clinical trials, interviewing Industry Experts, Doctors and Practitioners to aid and assist a speedy recovery and to get their take on the impact of them on our health and our children.

  3. Any legal and peripheral costs associated with Petitioning the Government in an effort to get a bill passed to have Dental Clinics made Mercury Free and where LipoProtein(a) finally screened for and funded. 

  4. Any relevant running costs incurred that have not been donated ie Accountant fees, support staffing if volunteers have not stepped forward to help out. 


How can you help? 

Whatever money you are open to donating would be a tremendous help.  I have this saying 'You can do it on your own but you cannot do it on your own!'  That's where you come in.  

If you would be open to donating any amount big or small it would be most appreciated! 


Simply click on the secure Payment Express link below and for those unfamilar with Payment Express they are one of the main Payment Gateway Providers used here in New Zealand and are used by many of the big companies and airlinesVisa, Mastercard are accepted.

If you would rather make an anonymous donation simply put the word 'Anonymous' in the 'Name' field.  In the 'Merchant Reference' just type 'Donation'.  

If you wish to have a receipt or some form of recognition for your donation please reach out via our 'Contact' page and we will help you out from there. 

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DONATING! We couldn't do this without your help and every penny counts! Help protect New Zealand's Children!