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Did you know that the there is a safe way to remove Mercury Fillings that will minimise toxic exposure?

Safe Metal Mercury Extraction

There are several things the Dentist (ideally Biologically or SMART Certified)  should be doing to ensure both your safety and theirs:-

  • The rubber dam technique should be used.  This is when the whole mouth is covered with a rubber sheet including the back of the throat.  Only the teeth with the Mercury Fillings should be exposed. The rubber dam prevents you from inadvertently swallowing any Mercury Filling break-offs and minimizes the amount of vapor breathed in too. 

  • You should have oxygen administered to the nasal cavity throughout to ensure you do not breath in any Mercury vapors and where the vapors are extracted safely in the room. 

  • Eye wear should be provided to protect any fly-offs.

  • It is suggested that you wear full length clothing to protect your skin from any Mercury exposure

  • Ideally the dentist will cover you with some kind of disposable sheeting 

  • The Dentists themselves would ideally be protecting themselves with  full tox gear.

  • The drilling technique should be kept to a minimum and in such a way that the filling is broken up into big pieces that can be quickly and easily removed.

  • Lots of cold water should be applied to keep the heating up of the Mercury to a minimumDrilling a Mercury filling can take vapor exposure from 10ug as far as 2,483ug (10 ug is considered the toxic level required for evacuation in the USA)

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  • High suction should apply where the Mercury can be removed as quickly and safely as possible, including vapors.

  • Ideally the Mercury particles should be treated as a hazardous waste and removed accordingly once extracted. 

Some people may opt for taking a dose of Activated Charcoal (only take if you aren't on blood thinners and check with a Practitioner too) and a good dose of good quality Vitamin C prior to the treatment taking place and in some cases a high dose of IV Vitamin C after treatment, administered by a qualified Doctor or Clinic that specializes in this has been said to help to minimize the level of toxic exposure.

Mercury Detox Regime


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